What is Afiya Health?

Afiya Health is a SaaS Platform which brings together healthcare solutions and services on a single unified platform.

Go to Market  – Sweden and Kenya

Actors on Afiya Health Platform:

  1. Doctors
  2. Patients
  3. Companies with employees/users
  4. Innovators in Health Sector

Business Model:

  1. B2C – Patients get access to healthcare services through their smartphones/laptops
  2. B2B:
    1. Companies provide healthcare benefits to their employees using the Afiya Platform
    2. Health Insurance companies use Afiya Health to complete the health check-up process for prospective insurers
    3. Through Afiya Health, innovators in Sweden who have developed innovative healthcare solutions get access to patients in Kenya for usage of their innovations

Revenue Model – Freemium

  1. Free
    • Diagnosis through Afiya Health Bot – All Patients get an initial diagnosis done with the help of Afiya Health Bot
    • Social Cause – Healthcare services for patients as part of disaster relief
  2. Paid Subscriptions
    • B2C Patients paying for consultations with a Doctor through Afiya Health in a Pay-as-you-Go, pre-paid number of consultants model
    • B2B Companies paying monthly access fee based upon number of employees
    • Health Insurance companies paying monthly fee based upon number of prospective insurers
    • Innovators in Sweden pay access fee or share equity in their innovations